Unplug for your peace of mind

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Do you remember those days from some years ago, when life was so much simpler and peaceful? There were no notification ting disrupting the peace of the day, nor gadgets that stole the limelight.

We could do a hundred things on weekends–chores, rest or entertainment, we got it all done and still had some time for more. But, how it all changed with the arrival of the internet!

Our peace went for a toss, and so did our time, that has now become a precious commodity we are forever running short of.

Our day begins and ends with the gadgets, and all through the day, we are checking out stuff that, if we fail to read, could as well spell the end of the world for us!

We stay plugged in almost 24 hours of the day and wish we had some more hours at our disposal so that we could cram in some more work.

But, have you for a moment paused to think where this is leading us?

Living our life in the virtual world, working every free minute, toiling all day either meeting deadlines, or surfing the net, we are only inching towards self-destruction, you know?

How about making a slight change to better your life, instead?

Simply by developing a teeny-tiny habit of unplugging once a week we can change it all!

Unplugging as in, keeping the Wi-Fi of our phone switched off, putting our laptop/computer away and keeping the television off (if one is a TV junkie) and spending time doing things that need us to move around, interact with our family/friends, spend time away from our screens.

5 reasons why you need to unplug on a weekly basis:

1 Staring at the screens all day has its side-effects, especially on our physical health. The continuous staring strains the eyes and can lead to dry eyes because we forget to blink when we stare at our screens. This could lead to eye diseases in the future.

2  Bending our head to look at our screens affects the neck and the shoulder muscles that tend to become stiff and this leads to the pain we often experience from hours of sitting at our work stations without a break.

3  Our back, too, bears the brunt of sitting hunched up for hours in front of our computers. With lack of time, we hardly indulge in any exercise that could give our spine, neck, arms, shoulders, and eyes some workout.

4  Staying in constant connection with the virtual world leads to distancing with the real world we live in. It affects our relationships with our close ones as we are mentally and emotionally far away despite being physically by their side.

5 Our mind needs the change of scene. Thanks to the million things at our disposal, our concentration has reduced, drastically, and we cannot focus on anything for more than a couple of minutes. And, so that we keep up our mental health, we need to give our mind that much-needed recharging by focusing on the world around us.


Agreed, that unplugging just once a week will not make much of a difference to our health, but it will definitely become a habit we will enjoy. And, once it becomes a habit, we will strive to indulge in it oftener.

This will go a long way in restoring our physical, mental and emotional health, and help us live better lives.

So, what do you plan on doing this Sunday?

Unplug and enjoy a quiet day and see the difference!




Reasons why you need to unplug





I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and my theme is, ‘SELF-CARE’. You will find all the A to Z posts here. 

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4 thoughts on “Unplug for your peace of mind

  1. You’re right, we should ignore the tech world every now and then. For my Vipassana course, I was away from the virtual world for 10 days and it did wonders to my mental well being. And when I reconnected, I realized that I didnt miss anything. Usually, we think that we have to see/respond to each an every alert on our phone that very moment. Unplugging helps to be mindful, focused and engage in some other meaningful activities too.

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    1. I can imagine how much peace you must have experienced Shilpa…10 days without any gadgets must have felt heavenly! If only we could achieve that control on our own! 🙂


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