Book Reviews

The Wise Man Said – Book Review.

Book: The Wise Man Said. Author: Priya Kumar. Genre: Motivational. The story in a nutshell: Sammy, an 80 year old billionaire, realises that the secret behind his success in life has been the various sacrifices he made along the way. One of the foremost being his neglect towards his family […]

The 23rd Girl. Book Review.

Book: The 23rd Girl Authors:  Divya Ratan & Rohan Kachalia Genre: Romance Format:  Paperback    The 23rd Girl is a quirky story about a young man named, Rashv. A roly-poly, mamma’s boy, Rashv is the usual college kid going weak in the knees each time he encounters a pretty girl. He […]

Second chance at forever. ..Book Review.

Book: Second chance at forever.  Genre:  Romance. Author: Summerita Rhyane. It’s a Kindle Edition.  ‘Second chance at forever’, brought back memories from almost two decades ago – college days,  when I devoured romances hungrily!  Times, when the whole idea of a tall, dark, handsome knight  riding on a white horse […]