T – Tidbits. #AtoZ

‘Tidbit is a small and a particularly interesting piece of gossip or information.’ And, who doesn’t love such tidbits!? I have a place on my blog especially for tidbits; posts that are light, frothy and fun to write about and read. Not all of my ‘Tidbit’ posts are gossip, though, some are just about anythingContinue reading “T – Tidbits. #AtoZ”

S – Schedule your posts. #AtoZ

Earlier, when I blogged at, ‘Feelings’, I blogged as and when I felt like it, writing on topics that came to mind, or on prompts I found interesting. Some days, however, the mind would go blank and Writer’s Block would set in, leaving me perplexed and frustrated. What do I write about, I would wonder. EveryContinue reading “S – Schedule your posts. #AtoZ”

R – Relationship with blog readers. #AtoZ

  Today — the 20th of April — is a day I will never forget in my life. Last year, on this day, I lost my pet dog, Chikoo. He was my son, the apple of my eyes, and lived with us for almost 13 years. This morning, I dreamt of him and woke upContinue reading “R – Relationship with blog readers. #AtoZ”

Q – Quotable Quotes. #AtoZ

I love quotes. Words of wisdom that  instantly lift your spirits, boost your morale and push you to do your best. A category for Inspirational posts that share real- life stories of heroes who motivate us to give back to the society was on my mind when I created Metanoia. But, then I also decidedContinue reading “Q – Quotable Quotes. #AtoZ”

P – Patience and perseverance. #AtoZ

  A year ago, I renovated my old blog and gave it a whole new look, all by myself,  when I was  least bit aware of what I was getting into. To give you an example of how severely tech-challenged I am — I still am clueless about what’s ‘upload’ and what’s ‘download’. So, youContinue reading “P – Patience and perseverance. #AtoZ”