6 activities for you when you practice digital detox.

6 activities for you when you practice digital detox.

Sometime back, I read a post on my friend, Vidya Sury’s blog, about ‘Unplugging’ on a particular day of the week. For, spending time doing things that do not need a phone, laptop or even the television, and being ‘in the moment’ without the disturbance of the constant pings of notifications, makes life so peaceful.

It’s become a necessity today for us to reclaim our peace of mind by living the life we lived before the arrival of the gadgets, and hence digital detox is the need of the hour!

As much as I did stay away from my phone on a daily basis, I needed an entire day of the week when I wouldn’t even look at my phone or the laptop. And, so, I decided to make some changes in my Sunday schedule.


I do check my phone in the morning on a Sunday for any messages, but then I switch it off. I might check it again once, but otherwise, it stays out of my line of vision.

I busy myself in completing chores that I don’t find the time to do during the week. I also spend some time indulging in self-care, like pampering myself–giving myself a facial, mani-pedi, colour my hair or groom myself.Apart from these, I busy myself doing some other activities I am going to share with you today.


Preparing a To-do list every first week of the month helps me remember all the things I need to focus on.

I prepare a bullet list for all my activities:

Household choresDe-cluttering




Digital Detox

Under every topic, I make a short entry of what I need to work on during the month and then, every Sunday, I tackle those chores, one by one. Of course, I do not blog on Sundays, but the rest of the work I tick off my list as and when I an done with it.So, my to-do lists help me greatly in completing the tasks and making sure nothing gets left out.



This is one of my favourite activities…all thanks to my mother’s genes that I inherited, I am obsessed with cleaning and purging.

De-cluttering is also one activity that helps me clear my mind even as I clear my home. Every Sunday, I pick one area or one corner, one shelf or one drawer, and then work on discarding stuff I haven’t used in the past year, and replacing the rest of the things in order, so that they are easy to locate when needed.I usually put away smaller items in boxes and label them, a la Marie Kondo!😉

De-cluttering the physical room to de-clutter the mental rooms!

Give away the books you have read so that someone else can read them and enjoy them!

So, until now, I have sorted and de-cluttered my wardrobe, the kitchen cabinets, the library, the shelf with all the important files, the medicine boxes, the loft in the kitchen and the storage area of my bed.It feels fabulous when I admire my handiwork. I love gazing at all these areas with all the necessary stuff arranged neatly and zero clutter to spoil the look!


I started baking with much enthusiasm in 2017. I had my cousin and bestie to guide me during all my baking endeavours, and I found it so relaxing and invigorating that I wished I had had a career as a baker! Last year, though, things went downhill and my baking supplies lay forgotten in a corner of my kitchen. But, on the 31st of December’18, I decided I would begin baking again and that’s what I did.

Fun activities to do on a Sunday!

I bake most Sundays, and hubby loves the activity, too, he being such a fabulous chef. It’s like I am learning it all over again, but it feels wonderful.Breads, cup cakes, pizza…we have been doing these on Sundays, and I plan on continuing it in the future, too.


Sunday afternoons are best spent working on some artwork. Be it a Mandala, a Zentangle design or an illustration, I play my favourite music and work for a couple hours.Time well spent!

Art to keep away technology

Not only does my mind stay occupied, but also my art keeps improving, and that makes me feel fantastic!Couple weeks ago, I did stumble upon a digital art app available on my phone and made a couple of abstract artworks, but yesterday, I felt that using the app on a Sunday disturbed my digital detox mantra, so I uninstalled that app and am back to my book and pencil for my artwork.

Last month, during the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I took an art break. Well, I had become rather lazy and did nothing on Sundays except watching movies on Netflix. Hubby and I would watch two movies, back to back–which was our fun-time.

But, last week, I decided to do away with watching television, altogether. It was taking up precious time, straining my eyes and giving me headache, and being a blogger, I can’t afford to neglect my eye health, can I?So, now on, it’s total unplugging on Sundays.


Sundays are now spent reading the news in detail, and not just skimming through the papers. Moreover, the kind of articles they publish on Sundays are the kind I love reading, and writing, too…so, this way, I get to learn a lot.


Okay, this one activity took place only on one Sunday, but it was something I had been planning since ages. I gathered all the unused candles lying at home, melted them in a double boiler, added some colour to it, and poured the wax in a pickle jar which had lost its lid, and a few tequila glasses that would never serve their purpose.Best out of waste....

I loved this activity, too, but I am not going to indulge in it again, because, well, what will I do with all the candles?


I saved the best for the last.

Most Sundays, I go visit my parents who live half an hour away from my residence. And, what a time I have there! All the pampering by mom, arguing with dad, playing with my little nephew and cracking jokes with my bro and sis-in-law…HAPPINESS, indeed!


Put away your gadgets and spend time with your family.

Now, isn’t that a Sunday well spent?

All I can say is, “Hail, Digital detox!”

How do you spend your Sunday? Do you ‘Unplug’, too? If you don’t, then I would suggest you try it out–at least for a few hours– and see for yourself how amazing it feels.





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